August 14, 2012

Ready to go!

Here's a picture to start everything off. This was taken in downtown Buena Vista, CO after the prerace dinner.

It's been a long journey to the start line, but the day is finally here. Its pretty surreal, this race has been just a date on the calendar. Yet tomorrow we will lace up our trail shoes for the first stage and begin what should be an epic adventure. We can't thank Doc and the Petit Family Foundation enough for their support of Spencer and I. We are out here for one reason, and that is to continue the legacy that the foundation was founded upon. We will be thinking of Bill, Jenn, Hayley and Michaela often as we make our way over 120 miles. They have been and will continue to be our motivation, and we are so very proud to represent the PFF.

We will recap the first stage tomorrow night and send along more pictures.

As always, be the change!

Brian and Spencer