July 18, 2012

One month to go...

Hi everyone,

Spencer and I are gearing up for one more tough training block before we get on a plane to Denver, CO. The Transrockies Run is less than a month away, and we couldn't be more jacked up. We have been training for a better part of 9 months now, so a lot of miles been logged and hills have been climbed. We are doing all of this in support of the Petit Family Foundation. Folks who are familiar with my previous runs know how important Dr. Petit and his foundation are to me. Spencer feels the same way. If you can, please support our run and the Petit Family Foundation by making a donation here: www.crowdrise.com/120forthepetits If you do not want to donate, but want to share this with others, that is great to. We thank you all for the support along the way. 

Be the Change! 

Best as always,

Brian Hetzel and Spencer Newell