June 27, 2011

The PFFRT in Ireland

Thought I would post this - Taken in Ballydavid, Ireland this past week. I recently had surgery, so I couldn't run, but did a fair amount of walking along the cliffs. I, of course, was wearing my PFFRT shoes :)

What a ride for Spencer, our resident PFF Cyclist!

The Oregon State Time Trial Championship was held on Sunday, June 12th, in Corvallis, OR. The course was pancake flat...20k out and 20k back for a total of 40k. Time trials are considered the race of truth because it's simply you against the clock, no drafting, no peloton's, just an open road and a high heart rate. Like a marathon a 40k TT is won in the last part of the race. The key is to set a steady tempo and then crank it up above LT for as long as you can hold on. I ended up being 3rd overall for Cat 3's in Oregon, being beat by two guys who are on the verge of upgrading to Cat 2's. While being able to sustain an average heart rate of 175 for 55minutes this type of race is my strength in comparison to criteriums or road races. This is why at the end of the year I'm shifting over to running which will ultimately lead to tri's. I am excited to be a part of PFF -West Coast!
Hope to meet you all soon!


Nice job, Spence! Great shirt!